The use of ergonomic goods handling equipment represents an elementary relief for workers, and ensures a uniform working speed. This supports personnel well-being, which also benefits the company, because: “Only the best is good enough for employees”.


Employees are the most valuable asset of most companies, and preserving their health has an immediate positive effect of productivity. Although humans are able to perform many kinds of physical work – every day and for long periods – but a time always comes, when such work involves a risk to health. Ergonomic working aids prevent these risks. They help to avoid accidents, injuries, and absenteeism due to sickness. Thanks to optimized and safe working conditions, employee health becomes a long-term productivity factor.


If strenuous work can be carried out by every employee, this increases flexibility when deploying your workforce. This helps to optimize your workflow, and increases productivity.


EXPRESSO products help you to arrange the working conditions in your company in such a way that the work results are optimized. Because we attach great importance to user-friendliness, the improved “man-machine interface” results in relief for your employees.


By using our safe and high-quality working equipment, safety and health hazards for employees can be reduced significantly. What‘s more, the use of this equipment complies with the legal regulations for safety at work.