BalanceLift for for delicate products

The BalanceLift also convinces in the foodstuffs and packaging business.

Date: 02/04/2016

Repeatedly, the intelligent combination of the BalanceLift with product and customer-specific load handling attachments proves to be a versatile handling solution in the most varied application areas. We supplied a customized vacuum gripper with spreader function to a customer in the foodstuffs industry for the efficient and gentle unpacking and singulating of soft cheese loaves. 

Up to seven foil-wrapped cheese loaves with a total weight of about 42 kg can be picked up simultaneously and positioned with the new vacuum gripper for the BalanceLift. The gripper was developed for a customer in the foodstuffs industry, who specializes in the manufacture of dairy products. We required a manually operated handling system, with which hundreds of foil-wrapped cheese loaves every day were to be removed from their transport cartons quickly and gently, singulated, and moved sideways to a defined position. To solve the task, we developed a complete system, consisting of the pneumatic BalanceLift handling unit and a product-specific multiple vacuum gripper with a stainless steel housing. While the operator is able to carry out the general lifting and positioning movements safely and easily with the BalanceLift, the new vacuum gripper ensures gentle handling of the soft cheese loaves.