EXPRESSO Maintenance Planner

Keep your maintenance schedule in sight.

Date: 01/20/2015

We are pleased to introduce EXPRESSO's new Maintenance Planner for your EXPRESSO products.

Basically, all our products require hardly any maintenance, so that servicing costs are very low. These are the essential prerequisites for their long service life.

In accordance with legal requirements, EXPRESSO offers all-inclusive technical function and safety inspections on your premises. In many countries, these inspections are required by Accident Prevention Regulations, and must be carried out annually.

Moreover, regular inspection and maintenance by the manufacturer ensures long-term operational safety, as well as preventing failures and downtimes.

To make sure that you always remember these important annual inspections, you can download the EXPRESSO Maintenance Planner, and enter the next inspection dates right away.

Our service technicians look forward to meeting you in your company for the next inspection.