EXPRESSO's truck immobilizer “STOP TRUCKS”

Primary features of the patented “STOP TRUCKS” immobilizer are reliability, robustness, and simple operation.

Date: 06/23/2014

The immobilizer is already being used in many industrial, transport, and service provider locations, where it ensures a high level of safety during loading & unloading operations. Due to its ingenious concept, STOP TRUCKS requires very little maintenance and repair.

With the system in its standby position, the loading ramp is unobstructed for truck positioning & docking. When the truck is parked, the automatic detection system determines the wheel diameter, and the immobilizing arm is inserted between the truck's wheel and mudguard. Subsequently, the arm moves upwards and locks securely on the wheel to prevent the truck from rolling away.

Because the truck is completely immobilized at the loading ramp, it cannot move or roll away, so that safe loading/unloading is guaranteed. This minimizes the risk of injury to persons and the danger of transport vehicles falling during loading/unloading is minimized – also at your site.