New baggage trolleys at Zurich Airport

Everybody knows the baggage trolleys at Zurich Airport. Over 16 million local passengers use Zurich Airport every year. For the last six months the airport has been providing 2,500 new EXPRESSO baggage trolleys supplied by MAPO.

Date: 10/30/2014

In technical terms it is a massive leap forwards from the old models dating from the seventies. Although nowadays almost every suitcase comes with small rollers of its own, the trolleys provided by the airport are still free of charge and certainly make things easier and more convenient. This is particularly true because if you have to travel from the arrival lounges down to the train platforms or car park with several pieces of baggage, a trolley can be manoeuvred over all the escalators completely safely. They are also perfect for the new "walkalators" which have recently been installed in terminal 2. A special front platform roller with two serrated non-slip parts secured to the bottom of the new chassis ensure that the trolley can handle any escalator with a gradient of up to 30°. This convenience at Zurich Airport is unique in Europe.

Overall high quality materials have been used with excellent design and functionality to make the appearance of Zurich Airport as attractive as possible to passengers. Ultimately the new trolleys will have to provide safe, durable and cost-efficient operation for decades. Initial experience with them has been very positive to date, as they represent a massive leap forwards in technical terms.