Powerful gripper with large suction area

The vacuum-operated surface gripper extends the application range of the pneumatic BalanceLift lifting cylinder, enabling a single person to lift, move and position loads weighing up to 300 kg.

Date: 05/12/2014

The new surface gripper supplements the standard range of BalanceLift handling equipment, and features high performance and a particularly large gripping area with numerous suction cups. Hereby, the cup lips are designed so that they “get to grips” with loads that have different and even partially problematic surface structures. The actual handling operations are carried out very conveniently with the proven Vario control unit that has just two buttons for lifting (up/down) and suction (on/off). What's more, the suction cups are fitted with an automatic deactivation function. This intelligent feature ensures that only the cups in actual contact with the surface are active – the others are deactivated. The BalanceLift is a flexible goods handling solution that is equally suitable for production logis¬tics and in order picking and packaging operations. As the system works without electric power, it can also be used in explosion-hazarded areas. Moreover, the unit's construction complies with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.