EXPRESSO‘s mobile lifting aids provide individual handling solutions that are matched precisely to your goods, the location, the operator, and the specific handling task. Customized load handling attachment in the shape of forks, prong, roller platform, hook attachments, and grippers permit ergonomic loading of machines, shelves, filling & conveying systems, centrifuges, pallets, roller tables, etc. at your workplaces.

Thanks to their user-oriented application possibilities, our mobile lifts increase productivity. These intelligent goods handling solutions enable complex and physically demanding operations to be carried out simply, safely, ergonomically, and therefore efficiently. Everything is possible with lift2move: Lifting, lowering, rotating, turning, gripping, tipping, holding, order picking, positioning, pushing, pallet loading, ... and lots more.

EXPRESSO lift2move

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Apart from higher productivity, and thanks to its modular design, the lifter provides the technical foundation for future innovations and updates. Innovations can be integrated
quickly into the existing platform and the extensive modular system. This is the guarantee that the lifter generation will adapt easily to future customer requirements and innovations.

Our experts design and build every handling system in close cooperation with the end user. EXPRESSO‘s handling consultants first examine and discuss the task
on your premises, and then prepare an individual handling analysis. Within a few days, you will receive a detailed offer for the corresponding handling concept.